Power of 2 cream beads per day,
Goes beyond the limits of beauty.

High-enriched tablet cream that contains energy of marine plant stemcell
Provides advanced anti-aging that redefines medical cosmetics.
Experience moments of innovation that go against time with scientific prescriptions, rational skin care routines.

The amount and method of
using cosmetics is important.

Please check the usage of your cosmetics now.

Recommanded dose 2 beads at a time
Liposomes similar to human cell membrane
delivers marine stemcell energy

To deliver 100 million marine stem cell energies per day to the skin
2 capsules per time, twice a day (about 1g) is recommended.

Essences prescribed with a composition similar to human intercellular
lipids prevent moisture loss in the skin.
By maintaining the structure of the stratum corneum squarely,
It strengthens skin defense against various stimuli.

  • 45g The capacity of the cream
  • 70% Capsule - Anti-aging care
  • 30% Essence - Effective delivery
DR.GLODERM TABRX Mask Moisturizing mask with nourishing oil capsule

Two-Step Mask using next-generation liposome compositions similar
to skin cell membranes, oil Capsules to balance oil and Moisture

Skin needs both moisture and oil.
Here, is a two-step care that sheet mask supplies moisture and capsule supplies oil.

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Low irritation, hygroscopicity, adhesion at once
The sheet mask faithful to the basics.

Consisting of high, medium and low molecular hyaluronic acid
Provides a delicate moisturizing care formulation of triple combination moisturizing.
By increasing the binding force of collagen and elastin,
skin moisture and elasticity are simultaneously treated.
It improves the fine wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the pores.

  • 10ppm Low stimulus fabric with low ethanol detection
  • 13times Exceptional absorbency compared to other fabrics
  • 99.9% Attachment to deliver essence completely