DR.GLODERMSociety Introduction

Better prescription, better beauty. Seoul Dermatology Cosmetic Society

Seoul Dermatology Cosmetic Society
It is a cosmetic society founded by dermatologists from Seoul National University.

The dermatologists who established the Seoul Cosmetic Society found out unexpected facts during the treatment.
It was surprising that various skin problems were related to cosmetics.
They set up an association to present a complete prescription by exchanging a large amount of data and know-how that have been prescribed to improve skin diseases.

DR.GLODERM has respected the professional medical opinion of the Seoul Dermatology cosmetic society and concluded a joint research with them.
We are receiving prescription advice for all products through systematic support and research
We are constantly working to improve our prescriptions.

With the belief that a better prescription can make better skin, DR.GLODERM works with the Seoul Cosmetic Dermatology Society
We are dedicated to make cosmetics more than science.