DR.GLODERM Time to Mask

  • Low irritation, hygroscopicity, adhesion at once
    The sheet mask faithful to the basics.
  • 10ppm Low stimulus fabric with low ethanol detection
  • 13times Exceptional absorbency compared to other fabrics
  • 99.9% Attachment to deliver essence completely
Better prescription makes better beauty Recommanded dose
1 pc at a time

Consisting of high, medium and low molecular hyaluronic acid
Provides delicate moisturizing care through a triple combination moisturizing formula.
Increases binding power of collagen and elastin for moisturizing and lifting
It gives care to skin texture uniformly and pores tightly.

You can meet new science now. 4 prescriptions for each skin concerns, DR.GLODERM Time to Mask
    DR.GLODERM Time to Moisture Mask 2,500

    Less of skin moisture Professional
    moisturizing care is needed Moisture Mask

    Main ingredients : Marine hydrogel, Aquaxyl

    DR.GLODERM Time to Whitening Mask 2,500

    Skin melanin precipitates looks dull
    Professional brightening Whitening Mask

    Main ingredients : Pearl extract, Glutathione

    DR.GLODERM Time to Liftup Mask 2,500

    Less of elstine binding and skin
    density Professional elastic care Liftup Mask

    [Whitening & Anti-wrinkle]
    Main ingredients : Sodium DNA, Centella asiatica

    DR.GLODERM Time to Wrinkletox Mask 2,500

    Collagen synthesis Skin wrinkles
    Professional anti-wrinkle Wrinkletox Mask

    Main ingredients : Marine collagen, Acetyl hexapeptide-8

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Liposomes similar to human cell
membrane delivers marine stemcell energy